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Although unseen, Nancy is often portrayed as having exaggerated masculine characteristics. She then took a job as her bodyguard.

Miley has a huge crush on him but is afraid to speak to him. In a similar manner to Earl, she has provided the family with endless stories and jokes.

She is nonetheless excited to see that they have not left yet. This ends their relationship for good.

She died three years prior to season one, but is often mentioned by the Stewarts and appears in household pictures. He had a pet hamster who is later seen under the ownership of Lilly. While recording the song, Archuleta gives Hannah a rose which reminds her of Aaron. She keeps this from Lilly and tries to get Lilly to come to the decision of not wanting to go to college with Miley. Jesse later goes to see Miley off at the airport and they presumably kiss.

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It is said that her and Sarah's parents are dating, so it is possible that they may have become stepsisters after the show had ended. It is revealed that her and Joannie's parents are dating. According to Jake, he and Marissa pretend to be dating to increase interest in the film, similarly to how he had earlier dated Holly. She reconciles with Robby, but they are no longer seen dating.

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Ruthie feels that because of all Miley's success, Jackson is often overlooked in the family, not realizing she's overlooking Miley's feelings as well. Jake serves as Miley's foil and represents the over-exposed lifestyle she is trying to avoid. Meanwhile, Jackson struggles to keep up with his girlfriend's lifestyle.

Thor usually comes off as being very friendly and has been known to be totally oblivious to when people make fun of him, or when he is found annoying to others. This plan of course, backfires on him. Soon, Robby winds up believing that she's hiding something from him. Distraught, Miley and Jackson discuss their dilemmas.

In the end, to save their relationship, Miley shows Siena her closet. This is what first attracts Jake to Miley, and with time, Miley begins to realize that she has feelings for him too, even though she refused to admit it at first. Jake's arrival at Seaview causes a big stir among the students who are all big fans of Zombie High and are starstruck at meeting him. It's no picnic for Miley's family and friends either.

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The fourth and final season is re-branded Hannah Montana Forever. After cutting to commercials, Mikayla bluntly informs Hannah that she despises her, starting a rivalry between the girls. She seems to have a crush on Jackson, and is frequently having celebrity parties, hanimaadhoo online dating in which Hannah and her friends go to although Lilly only goes for the publicity.

In the video Susan tells Miley to always listen to her heart. Candid Camera and Punk'd parody. Siena is played by Australian actress Tammin Sursok, whose accent lapses occasionally.

Elvis eventually started dating Aunt Dolly which began a year feud between the two women. Robbie Ray constantly makes puns. It is later revealed that he lives in his mom's basement. Robby seems to have so much fun hanging out with the Jonas Brothers, that Miley becomes jealous and tries to discredit his songwriting in front of the Jonas Brothers. Aunt Harriet is Oliver's aunt.

That doesn't mean that I'm not going to make mistakes and do things that everyone's going to be happy with, because there's no such thing as perfection. She finds Hannah's anklet and accidentally drops it overboard in disgust after learning the diamonds are synthetic imitations. Thor Andrew Caldwell is from fictional Mooville, Minnesota. Roxy used to be a Marine where she learned most of her techniques. Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Buck Rogers parody.

Hannah Montana Real Haircuts

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At the end of the pilot episode, Miley and Lilly do the gesture in mockery of Amber and Ashley. Heather Gina DeVivo is a skateboard competitor. Later, when Chad's locker is stuck, Oliver refuses to help him open it. He is the series main antagonist.

Robby is disappointed, but rather than stopping him, he points to a picture of Susan and says that she would not be proud of him. She lives in Tennessee but occasionally visits California.

Sophie is an enthusiastic Hannah Montana fan and is excited when she gets to meet her. This is a special one-hour episode and final episode of the Hannah Montana series. Dontzig is the only character in Hannah Montana to be portrayed by two separate actors. Sarah also hyperventilates whenever she is in Hannah Montana's presence, apparently unable to pronounce her name.

Lilly says that he likes bran muffins and is susceptible to back injuries. She bullys Dandruff Danny, then starts to bully Miley.

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It very possible this is an attempt to Lampshade this trope as Robbie seems to be the same person with or without the mustache. She flirted with Jackson, but he is distracted by the fact that she is Rico's sister. He is a fierce competitor and claims to never lose.

Earlier Heather bought Lilly a pair of horn-rimmed glasses which Lilly is embarrassed to wear. Hannah at first desperately wants the part, but later tries to lose the job in order to impress Oliver. Many also end up becoming Pun Based Titles. Later on, she lets Jake in on her secret when the guilt of continually lying to him becomes too much to bear.

After this she returned to work for Hannah. He has his own business but he fakes that he's successful and has an assistant called Margaret. Maddie's mother, Margie Fitzpatrick, is a fan of Robbie Ray. Heather gets a job in Atlanta forcing Lilly to move. Although not a blood relation, the Stewarts consider her a family member as she is Miley Stewart's godmother.

This results in Siena finding out that Miley is really Hannah. He also has a secret love of baking, something he keeps secret because he believes it is a primarily female activity.

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