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Man we partied that night. If you have this gogo tape holla back. Back in the day, you could tell a band just by the horn section alone.

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They was alright but, nothing like back home bands. We always enjoy it when someone is taken back to the good memories of the past, due to our efforts! Arrow Created with Sketch. What an experience that was.

Can't nobody do it like we can! That would be Santa Claus is coming to town.

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Also to all the functions at Highland outside and inside. As for the Howard Theatre it is currently being renovated. Can't stop looking at it, and I can't wait for the opportunity to cop more.

In November, it caught the attention of Montero Hill, a. We are excited to announce that we have just finished the development process of Anchor Links the ability to add links to a specific part in the same page. It's amazing how we thought those days would never leave us when they were here! Tripples Night Club in Marlow Heights.

If anyone has any information on these bands, please send it to us, so that we can post it to the site. We are very excited to announce that we have just released new custom-branding abilities to Webydo.

If you change your mind, this is the place to make up, and add them back to your Slacker experience. Our apologies for leaving the sound techs out! You can find a special dedication going out to each above, and you have put them on display again! Man, those are some good memories! Hi, I remember the Busey Brothers.

Can't forget about seeing Junk outside at Gallery Place when they had the buckets. That Lil Nas X was able to put together a chart-smashing song for less than the price of a tank of gas is a perfect testament that the traditional structure of the music business has blown apart. Anyway, a fight broke out before Chuck got through his first set, but the bouncers broke it up quick and Chuck got back to playing. It's nice to hear what is meaningful music. Anyone remember the xmas song that pleasure did?

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Old sckool always doin big thangs! The Metro Club to see Essence every Thursday night. Hey Pac, what's happening? You must add us to the site.

Never heard of those musicians, but can totally relate to the sound of the live band, there is nothing like it! Shamrick bowling alley in N. First time I saw him cracking congas was at Adams Morgan fest, long time ago. We would sit on the floor for what seemed to be hours to wait for the next band to play. You only had to worry about getting jumped.

Back in the day when I was getting tapes, I just wanted to have more than everyone else, I never knew it would get to the point where they would become treasures. Too bad you had to break up, who knows where you would be now. We loved it, and followed it wherever it went. But others in the industry strongly disagree with that view, royalty stock footage believing online music marketplaces should establish a process by which each beat uploaded is reviewed and cleared. We just stopped the music because you haven't touched the player in a while.

The great memories of GoGo will stay with us forever! We may still make it an option in the future, but it will take some time to incorporate. We'll try to get more Private Affairs, we happened to have that one in our collection. He kept his original style, layed back in the pocket. No one saw Lil Nas X coming.

For anyone who has stumbled upon our site and has no idea of what GoGo is all about, Click Here to check out the History. We're trying to get it done! When Jeff Chang was speaking of P. We remember Triples well, and how sometimes we would go there and hang outside, just to be there. His name was Go Go mike, everybody knows he was the lyricsist to everything Ayre Rayde made.

People search every day for their favorite songs, and artists they grew up with from back in the day. He brought go go to Maryland the baddest rapper ever in the state of Maryland.

Well that started my love of go-go music. Good example of how today's GoGo generation have no idea on how it all got started!

It makes my day go by so much better! Crystal Skate, Evans Grill and Triples.

Keep it comin and much much love. You just brought back alot of memories for me. Now Milton is the current champ now, but Jungle Boogie was like the Dr. Enter letters below security code.

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Morgan frying the best wings you have every tasted. We finish them up and then we go in. By the way, we gave up getting in and went back to groove to Essence from the back window.

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