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Servo Command is still considered by many to be the most technically advanced vehicle proportioning system available and a benchmark by which foam fire fighting apparatus is measured. Planit Safe involves a new concept for testing foam systems without releasing any foam concentrate to the environment.

Pressure transducers are placed wherever system pressure readings are desired. As is true with all technical procedures, qualified, well trained personnel are critical to assure that testing is done with proper care and attention to detail. Other notable differences were a new telescoping stock instead of a folding one, and a four-sided accessory rail tube around the barrel. Since all data is recorded electronically at high speed it is possible to generate graphs and charts showing system performance from start to finish of test. His knowledge of foam system products is well known to those who he has worked with over his many years in the area.

Planit Safe has proven to be an invaluable tool in troubleshooting foam system problems. Direct Substitution Method.

This is because viscosity differences cause a major flow rate change through the foam metering orifice within a proportioner. Detailed information relative to the effluent released must be provided to local authorities having jurisdiction prior to the system test. Sherwin Williams Paint Distribution Center, multiple locations. This enables much better analysis of system performance than the current test procedures that depend on grab samples of the proportioned solution stream.

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Burning flames set rawpixel. It does not have a blowback slide, instead it has a T-shaped cocking handle on the rear. Several measurements of proportioning system performance can be monitored and recorded by laptop computer simultaneously during a Planit Safe test procedure. All system monitoring instrumentation is connected by shielded waterproof cables to a data acquisition package and laptop computer that monitors and records system performance in real time. Schwarzlose machine gun Pedersen rifle.

It is a slightly more compact version of the Vector that is based on the same Super V system. Vector Fire Technology, fully responsive website Inc. Vector set of fire and flame icons. Fire and flames background rawpixel. Fire flame collection flat cartoon style.

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The foam tank suction and return valves on the system would be closed to isolate the test liquid from the actual foam in the system. He was named on the patent, and was instrumental in the development of National Foam's Servo Command mobile equipment proportioning system.

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Delayed blowback firearms. This can be done for some initial system startup tests by placing the test liquid in the foam tank and performing proportioning tests as if actual foam concentrate was being used. The concept of using an alternative liquid in place of foam has been used in the industry for many years.

It is only sold as a complete weapon in. This method can save considerable time and expense while preventing possible environmental and effluent discharge issues related to foam solution discharge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. System performance data can usually be gathered in less than one minute from start of system operation.

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We have spent over two years developing the Planit Safe equipment, alternate test liquids, and procedures and are well qualified and prepared to perform this work. Light effects collection with comets meteors and fireballs isolated on transparent background. Both the Navy and Hughes agreed that the Planit Safe test method is a viable alternative to foam discharge testing. To support this effort, we have developed our Planit Safe concept, which encompasses all aspects of our business. Usually the test connection points required for Planit Safe tests are added by the system owner or contractor.

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Injection of Alternate Test Liquid. Although this sounds like a simple solution, it can add some complication due to problems involved in cleaning the residual test liquid out of the tank after testing. Alternately, water pressure can also be used to expel the test liquid thereby saving the complication of forcing the foam concentrate back into the foam tank after testing. Hose connection points are added to the foam concentrate or water feed piping to enable the device to be temporarily tied into the foam system for testing.

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The download is working but it's very slow. Some companies are promoting the use of water equivalency testing to determine acceptable performance of foam proportioning systems. Qualified Technical Personnel As is true with all technical procedures, qualified, well trained personnel are critical to assure that testing is done with proper care and attention to detail.

Once the instrumentation is installed, on line real time data can be monitored and recorded very quickly thus reducing the total volume of solution discharged. It was an experimental weapon under advanced stages of development at that time. He spent twenty seven years with National Foam, Inc.

An alternative non-foaming environmentally benign test liquid is used in place of the foam concentrate stored in the system. Injection of Alternate Test Liquid Direct Substitution Method In some cases, the alternate test liquid can be used by simply substituting it for actual foam concentrate in the foam system. The Canadian and some American civil market versions only come with the blocked round magazines rather than the full capacity magazines.

Following is a list of places where the Planit Safe system testing concept has been used or accepted for future use with tests pending. Business relationships with major foam fire protection companies enable Vector Fire Technology, Inc. It also eliminates the opening above the barrel for the original weapon's optional Surefire weapon light, since these are no longer manufactured. Interface Device for Bladder Tank Systems.

While at National Foam, Steve managed the company's agency approval test programs related to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Foam concentrate contained in the foam pump and piping would be drained and placed in the foam storage tank or disposed of.

Sherwin Williams Paint Manufacturing Facility, multiple locations. These points can normally be used to connect a container of alternate test liquid to the proportioning system and conduct a proportioning test. How can I be assured that proper proportioning will occur if testing was done with water? Ask the question if this process is proposed for your facility.

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You may also like Fire flames on black background. When installed bladder tank systems are involved an additional component is required to act as a separator to isolate the foam concentrate or water and alternate test liquid.