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The player assumes the role of the house's next inhabitant, Michael Arthate, an author seeking seclusion to work on his next book. Michael is having second thoughts on leaving. Go back down to the lower crypt and pick up the stone at corner below the stairs. Go back to the small hallway and climb the stairs or take the main stairs by the foyer. That furnace makes you uneasy.

Start to prepare the amulet - With the sink on your back, face the table and look close on the coffee grinder. The certificate was given to James Blackwood, a construction engineer. There is a pool of water in front of it. Muddy window - Look at the window.

Scratches Director s Cut walkthrough

Call Jerry again and ask about the previous inhabitants. Use the boring tool to pierce a hole on the motor oil can. Go upstairs to the gallery. Hints are available for most puzzles, if they are ever needed.

Director's Cut has also been released which contains additional gameplay, an alternate ending, remixed soundtrack, higher resolution graphics, and interface tweaks. Open the curtain and look at the pottery. Go forward until you get to the crypt. Reception hall - Dial and talk to William Bailey.

Scratches (video game)

Guest bedroom - You are determined to find out about what is happening on your third and final day at the mansion. There are certain named books. Gallery - Enter the gallery and see a door where the elephant tusks cabinet was previously located.

There's a coffee grinder on the center table. The forced linearity involves which areas and objects Michael can manipulate at any given time.

Scratches Download ( Adventure Game)

Click the matches on the wood in the fireplace. Go back downstairs and see if we can get the shiny object. Go back to the water area left of the manor. Catherine and James Blackwood died on the same year. Click on crystal ball and click on the dial.

In inventory, wet the dry rag with the can filled with water. Typewriter - Look close on the desk. Go down to second window, look close and click on the rope peeking at upper right of the window. Use the can on the water to fill the can with water. Chapel - Exit the manor through the front door.

Look close at the mailbox left of the gate. The reporter ultimately discovers Robin, who chases him until Milton appears at the manor to speak with Robin. Go left by the main door to enter the living room. Reception hall - Go forward to the reception hall and click on the phone.

Scratches Download (2006 Adventure Game)

Learn that this vengeful god had a feline incarnation and about the claw. An eccentric gentleman, Mr.

Often enough, an object's purpose will only be clear at a later point in the game. Both the story and the gameplay are substantial and the game is genuinely scary rather than gory.

Place the addressed letter inside mailbox. The setup menu has hints, surround music, camera speed, text speed, gamma correction and slideshow mode selections. Stand in front of the crucifix and look at the foot of Jesus Christ. Crypt - Go back to the crypt. The Small hallway is bare.

Open several pages of the bible and take the nail. Click on the pedals and see the bicycle's headlight comes on. Use oil can on door knob of greenhouse.

Scratches is the first commercial adventure game ever to be made in Argentina. Lovecraft mythos and several direct references to Lovecraft works make their appearances in Scratches. Seldom has a game thrilled me as much as Scratches, modelsim simulator crack and I will be among the first in line to download the sequel. One of my favourite parts of this game were the An all time great.

Garden - Go to the brown path left of the manor. Try to use the matches on the stove. Use the doorknob taken from the lair on the doorknob hole. Milton's journal, which reveals the doctor's history of neurotic tendencies similar to his former patient i.

Study - Go back to the study and the locked box. Tower - Go to top floor again and to the upper hallway beyond the attic ladder at top level.

Scratches - GameSpot

Scratches - GameSpot

Use the knife taken from the kitchen on rope as close to the beam as possible. Use the rug on the very dirty can left of the oil can and see a motor oil can.

Use the stethoscope on the fireplace. Pick up the stone on the ground between the plaques. Learn about the interaction with the natives, the strange neighboring tribe - the Dhalmaar and the mask.