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Transport your audience from scene to scene with these energetic plugins that Liquify, Shear, Smear, and Melt one scene into the next. Audio Editing Detach or mute audio, or fade in and out audio from your clips all within a few clicks on the timeline. This effect is great for any video, short film, home movie, music videos, and the like. Video Capture and Screen Recorder Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos.

Not only can you drag and drop your media to the timeline, but now precisely insert clips with new three and four-point editing. ScoreFitter music library - Add royalty-free music that automatically adjusts to fit the length of your video.

Powerful and creative video editing

Whatever your video passion, talents, or interests, Pinnacle Studio delivers a collection of complementary powerful applications to satisfy all your video editing needs to delight your audience. Get the most out of Pinnacle Studio Get the most out of Pinnacle Studio and learn new features with video tutorials, tips, en chellame song and tricks. Which version of Pinnacle Studio is best for me?

Engage your audience and enhance your videos with customizable, eye-catching titles and graphics. Control the ambiance of your video and set the mood with the complete Color Grading controls.

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With unparalleled precision and control, you can edit video on an unlimited number of tracks. Alter the tone of your image and highlight certain characteristics with Color Wheel and Waveform Scope controls or match the color of two clips and adjust the lighting. Covering everything from basic editing to new features, access learning materials directly inside the Pinnacle Studio Welcome Tab. Create high impact, action-packed videos.

Detach or mute audio, or fade in and out audio from your clips all within a few clicks on the timeline. Stop Motion Animation - Create animated movies frame by frame starring your toys, food, art and more with easy to use controls. Customize your workspace and easily create custom shortcuts to edit work your way and streamline your workflow. Simply import your video footage and start editing.

Purchase your tickets and reserve your seats ahead of time on MovieTickets. It is a spooky effect which will have your audience shaking in their boots. You control the view the audience sees.

Creating Special Effects in Pinnacle Studio - Corel Discovery Center

Pinnacle Studio Video Editing Software & Screen Recorder

Freeze the action or even reverse and replay your scenes. Use Audio Ducking to detect audio or voiceover and automatically dial down the volume of the background sound. Preview your slideshow and edit in the timeline to customize your movie. Adjust how the overlay blends with the background, set a transparent color, and easily swap out backgrounds using the Chroma Key effect.

With these effects you can get busy creating your own action or sci-fi films, or just add a bit of flair to your video clips. Apply video effects exactly how you want to - use keyframes to control every detail of your effect from start to finish. Take control, make precise edits, and enjoy cool creative effects!

Powerful and creative video editingWhy Pinnacle Studio

NewBlue Light Blends - Lighten up your production with light-inspired scene transitions that include light flairs, orbs, rays, strobes and more. Pinnacle Studio is fully loaded with features you would expect to find in professional video editing software. Correct video and eliminate subtle imperfections altogether, apply lens corrections, turn day into night, create reflections, enhance color, and so much more. Mark your object, press play to track its motion, and then easily add the overlay of your choice.

Why Pinnacle Studio

Make footage feel fluid with the rest of your film and correct lens distortions from wide angle cameras. MultiCam Capture Lite video capture and screen recorder Record your screen and webcam, capture video and audio, and create engaging how-to videos. Make your talent fly and create a fantastic effect for your home movies and videos! Quickly straight lines that appear to be curved or angled and even straighten the horizon. Bring your focus to the spotlight and highlight a single color in your picture, pushing everything else to the background in black and white.

Enhanced Motion Tracking Put the focus on certain people or objects in your video using Motion Tracking. Now you can create a magical and fun effect to bring anyone down to size. New Split Screen video with keyframes Use keyframes to add motion to your split screen videos and show multiple video streams simultaneously.

Add titles to your photos and videos, or overlay graphics on your clips. This theater accepts MovieTickets. Easily drag and drop to create impressive promotional videos or share the highlights from your latest trip!

Or, start with hundreds of Montage video templates with themes perfect for every occasion. Track Transparency - Superimpose multiple tracks or create custom fade-in and fade-out effects with easy-to-use opacity settings. Start your next project now with powerful and precise tools in a customizable workspace. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a realistic explosion using Pinnacle Studio. Here's what Pinnacle Studio users have to say.

Creating Special Effects in Pinnacle Studio - Corel Discovery Center