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Metadata applied to a master should propagate down to derived images. Which photo managing program do you use and why?

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Data robustness All metadata is indexed. Yes, many of the features are intended to aid the needs of professional photographers and their hectic post-process.

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For a set of pictures I want to be able to define a set of facets or categories for collections or folders. It may not be a bad choice for your needs. Any suggestions would be great! It still required importing all my files to the database, but at least it provided concrete information about how long it would take.

It's easy to have low expectations when it comes to free software. Photo Look is a new handy utility for managing digital photo s. Yet, Picktorial is also adding advanced features so deceptively, it's easy to forget they are also trying to satisfy the professional users as well. For me as a private person automatic calendarial order and facial recognition is key.

It allows creating thumbnails and slideshows, editing metadata, searching images and much more. This helps with the the Sommer Vacashun problem. Thank you for an advice you can offer. So imagine my frustration when I found Piktorial does not allow me to add key words to a whole bunch of photos at the same time. You just launch the application, import some photos, view them, edit them, share them with friends and family, and just plain enjoy them.

You can view a multitude of file types including raw formats of the major manufactures. Close Search Search Hongkiat.

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Organize, sort, and rename photos in variety of photo formats more than total. Once you free download it, you can access all features without limits. Zoner Photo Studio is a photo-manager-cum-editor built for organizing your photos.

Below are the photo managers I recommended that are now no longer being supported by the developer, ahu selection software or I no longer feel are as good as the managers listed above. And this is information already stored inside of your metadata for each photo. The best photo organizers will also provide intelligent search tools and different ways of displaying your images to help bring clarity to your collection.

Organize and sort all your photo collections automatically. Photo Collection Organizing. They have server based software too that is big bucks. Kiran Kumar is an Engineer by profession, and loves blogging primarily on Microsoft Windows operating system and also enjoys reviewing software and products.

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But, at least you can do the basics to get by. Note that its online sharing tool Showfy is not free for use.

For those who want to do some manual photo organizing, you can still create folders and put folders inside of folders and organize photos how you want in them. Photo Gallery is not enough for advanced users. And then you could use a second application with more robust features, that will better help you while you work through the stages of scanning, organizing and labeling all of your scanned photos.

Photoshop is notorious for not respecting all metadata. Right alongside responsiveness, ease of use is a major concern for a photo organizer.

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First thank you very much for your in-depth and knowledgeable articles. Phototheca offers lots of image management features but lacks in image editing options. It's great for people with basic goals and skills, but also has a lot of advanced features that will challenge and grow with you. Along with categorizing your photos automatically using folders or metadata, it also lets you view photos from network shares. Most of these photos are already in some type of file folder.

Flaming or offending other users. Moving a keyword in the master list, or changing spelling, corrects all usage in photos.

After you finish editing your photos, you can quickly make slideshows, contact sheets, or strip of images. Importing may not seem like a hassle at first, but it took nearly an hour to process my photo collection. Another huge advanced feature set that sets Aperture apart from a more basic program like iPhoto is its ability to manage all of the metadata of your photographs. For this added level of file protection, you should look into using either iPhoto or Aperture both only available for the Mac.

Is there a cloud-based digital asset management solution that would allow me to share photos and movies with others so that they can add meta data? You can download it free from FastStone here. With Photo Calendar Creator, calendar making is a lot quicker and easier than ever before.

Photos uses a centralized database, so it's aware of and keeping track of every one of your photos managed inside. It has a nice stable user interface and comes with a import feature using which you can right away get your photos and videos from your digital camera, phone, or scanner. Parent items are automatically entered as keywords.

Any help would be appreciated. Do you use a hierarchy or flat keyword list? If you prefer to leave your files wherever they are, you can do that instead. It also offers numerous image manipulation tools to add filters, customize fine details and do much more editing right in the app. Aperture by Apple Apple's Aperture.

As new pix meet the standards they would be shown. Even though there is a slider to change the height of the separator between the two, there doesn't seem to be a way to fill the entire area with just your thumbnails, which I seem to sorely miss. On the bright side, if you are familiar with how to use Photoshop Elements, you will find the learning curve will not be as steep.

This will be the case until you have taken the time to manually replace the scanned date with the date you know the photo was original taken. Like all the other programs reviewed here, this one is also capable of importing photos and videos directly from camera, scanner, and removable drives. Picktorial sports a dark colored interface, which in the past has usually been reserved for applications only advanced users were able to use.