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At anytime during the game the second player can come in, and help you out. He arranges a meeting with his informant to learn more about the case, but when he goes to the meeting, he finds out Fox has been murdered by the crime syndicate. The Alien Wars Those brave, elite warriors known to you and me as the Contras, are back and ready for some more alien butt-kicking. Joint Task Force Most of the time, I'm of the mind that gameplay is what really sells any given title.

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Contra action continues in the newest edition of the series. No forum topics for Contra yet. Contra is a series of run and gun games, mostly set in the distant future, featuring the fight between humans and aliens. For most of the game, you run to the right across cities and sewers, nef file viewer shooting bullets across the screen to destroy any enemies in your way.


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Use Burn's grenades at close range for quick mass destruction. Ricker, sparse sprite detail, and occasionally washed-out colors detract from the almost good-looking backgrounds. Weak action combines with equally unmuscular level layouts. Contra - The American Hero.

There is a boss awaiting at the end of each level, who has to be defeated in order to progress to the next level. The music and sounds are unobtrusively average. The whole action starts when Burns receives a phone call from Fox, who informs him that the Head of Intelligence is in danger.

If you're thinking this game delivers the same fast-paced, Contra-cool action as the previous games in the series, think again. With two players though, it makes the game very easy to beat because you do not have to worry about killing everything yourself. Even with its inconsistent and sometimes confusing storyline, the Contra series is held in high regards by gamers because of its appealing and challenging gameplay, although chaotic at times. Contra Game - The Soldier. The game was fairly popular when released, and received a lot of positive feedback by users, press and critics.

Even before PaRappa the Rapper gave us a lesson from teacha, video games and hip hop have gone hand in hand. However, it is not just another sequel as Konami has made some changes. At the player select menu, you pick one of six screen positions for him to guard for five seconds. The aim was to create a classic degree shooter experience with plenty of upgrades and some non-linearity. Konami decided to make North America the only release location for the spin-off, leaving the huge European market off as well.

You have to remember to do this as you will find power-ups hidden in strange places. Contra Force is a run and gun style video game, released by Konami in in North America. The Alien Wars, albeit with simpler moves and nine lives, but not continues as opposed to most games of this genre.

When the player comes in, he will be fully powered. Battle through five brutal stages. Play Now Download the full version. Welcome sweet Super Contra. But, if you are playing alone and there is no one to come and play the second player, all hope is not lost.

Additionally, this Contra's only solid blast is the weapon power-up system, which enables you to swap between Machine Guns, Homing Missiles, and Hand Grenades by collecting toolbox icons. You collect items which can move the cursor and, when it is positioned on the upgrade that you want, you can select it. Unfortunately, you're probably not looking for the arcade version of Contra. This is an accurate emulation of the arcade version of Contra.

The Mega Turrican is hardly any different. Neo Contra Contra games have been around for some time now and many of us have fond memories fighting through hordes of enemies trying to reach the end of a stage. You just overestimated the power of the Force. Contra Hands-On Dude, it's Contra.

Contra game for pc

The game was also planned to be released in Japan, under the title of Arc Hound, but it was cancelled in the end. The gameplay of the Contra series is a simple but chaotic run and gun style.

For whatever reason, Contra Force strays from the path and pays the price. The player can jump, crouch, and walk left or right in the side-view stages, and move in eight different directions in the overhead perspective. There are five stages in the game, with three of them played from the side-view perspective, and two of them from the overhead perspective. After all, the series is famous for its gameplay, not its storyline. Hold your fire and don't radio in those battle plans just yet.

Each character comes with his own weapons, skills, speed and jumping attributes. This game is still like Contra though, because there is still plenty of action, and you have to fight your way through the various areas, then destroy the end boss in each level of the game. You can have one of the other four characters come in and attack the enemies. May the Force be without you. Survive for as many days as possible, while converting zombies into a human or vice versa.

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Later they make an inexplicable comeback, although other times their reappearance is explained. Zero Hour real-time strategy game. His shots will skim by your ear, but won't inflict damage. But it's probably not the version of Contra that you're thinking about. The biggest difference in this game is that there now are four players instead of two to choose from.

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Super Metroid Super Metroid is a two dimensional platform video game with action and adventure elements an adventure video game. How to make a let's play video. Microsoft confirms Konami's quarter-gobbler as this week's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays offering, lists five more to be released by year's end.

See also Probotector Series. He can't jump or crouch in the overhead perspective levels. It's the third in the classic Contra series. It's nothing radical, but it helps you pass tricky spots.