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Unlike the vocalists of the Hindustani or the Carnatic traditions, our playback singers have certain distinctive disadvantages while also reaping some concessions. This would leave the music lovers and cine-goers spell bound. Rafi Sahab has rendered several hundreds of these type of songs which are classically very rich in all their splendor. Guru Dutt did not make too many films. The effect of listening and watching this song would be much more than seeing an object de art.

There are plenty of such songs, if we go on searching, it will take us years together to select such songs. Even serious music lovers tend to ward off these songs, for they are beyond the imagination of many. Comparisons to this song are futile, as it may not have any peers. But when he laid his hands on one, he made a master piece that would become immortal. None even as much thought of the beautiful edifice that has become a symbol of love between a man and a woman as something to deride.

Rafi Sahab pays tribute to the music lover in you. Yet he is alive in numerous everlasting hit songs which are heard and cherished for generations. However, in a live show the euphoria is built up for the performing artist to dissolve into that atmosphere.

The heights and the depths that Rafi Sahab can take us along, only if we understand these renditions, can be a quite a heavenly experience. Even I might have included a couple of songs from the ones you selected. Let us revisit rafi sahab in such realities to find his unparalled greatness as a singer.


Am excellent article, without a doubt. Hence the result in the form of a golden classic rendition which will remain eternally a prized whimper for the discernible listeners. This is a breaking-norm article I have read in recent times.

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The selection of songs is all my favorite songs too! Without even as identifying some of the very mediocre songs from the Hindi films, we can also line up some of the songs of the tallest order. Congratulations on a very insightful and thought provoking article.

Rafians Tribute to a true Maestro - Mohd Rafi

For several decades, I too had only heard these songs at random, never quite devoting as much as a patient and understanding listening to them. But when I did listen to them in abject devotion, I found that these songs were exceptional from whichever angle one looks at them. Bollywood Photo Gallery Kishore Kumar. Rafi Saab, is indeed the best singer of all times.

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Not because it is not heard often. He must have researched and rehearsed this and must have sat with Madan Mohan to get the right feel. Satishbhai, welcome first of all to this wonderful website. He used both serious Hindi and chaste Urdu to conceptualize the theme and portrayed his rancor on the social pitfalls and selfishness so prevalent in our behavior.

Murthy Sahab, Adab Arz hai, Bahoot khoob, unique topic and superb writing. Please continue to enlighten us. Playback singing can be of any song of any genre in any fashion and hfm has had a host of the very best to very poor songs composed and recorded by the playback singers. The level of the singing is beyond human capabilities. You have poured your heart out in this lucid article and correctly captioned them as concert songs.

He has left behind a legacy of playback singing. Right from the first word itself, I can feel tears in my eyes. The complicated tune, changing with almost every line, is perhaps one of the finest examples that a music teacher can give to his wards.

Rare also because, the song takes the listener along on a journey. Excellent article and writing.

Hence its position at the very very top among Hindi film songs. Rafi Sahab understood Sahir.

First of all I would like to thank you for writing such a brilliant piece of writing on concert songs. Concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses and small clubs, dedicated concert halls, entertainment centers and parks to large multipurpose buildings and auditoria.

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This is not a run of the mill song dished out by Bollywood, but a rare species of a crafty creation. Where else could you find this finery in poetry and finesse in rendition?

Rafians tribute to a true Maestro - Mohd Rafi

Sir, Now i wants to share one more greatest gem of sri mohd. Your article should have relevance to Mohd Rafi Sahab. If you want to write your own article and have it published on this site, please email your article to admin mohdrafi. Your selection of songs is apt and part of my song list as well as a Murid of Rafi Saheb. Rafi Sahab, therefore, dons the unique mantle of spreading the ultimate message of being an Indian first, avid media composer 6 windows 7 through so many of these songs.


Shankar Jaikishan did not just compose, they kissed the tune with tender care. Photography as excellent as visuals can be. But i can say that i have experienced such feeling while watching some hindi film songs and sometimes by only hearing them. Burman took upon his genius self to give this bare structure a matching and haunting musical score.

One would be prompted to sing along with Rafi Sahab, but not quite. None dared before him to loathe this epitome of love.

The ambiance created by of these songs give a true exhilarating feeling of having seen or been part of a live concert performance. The concert had begun several decades ago and will continue till eternity.