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Also, only one file can be transferred at a time. Then you have seamless movement between computers by simply moving the cursor off the edge of the desktop.

Pressing Primary will open a window where you can search for and add a new secondary computer. This is the last freeware version. Above, below, left and right are accepted. Hats off for every tool and trick u provide. ShareMouse has been around for several years, there are paid versions but also a freeware version that can be used non commercially.

Once installed or running on two computers, Sharemouse will detect both computers and connect them together. Most of theese devices has got only a couple of master ports one for each computer. Simply click on it, press Add, enter the passcode and press Save. There are Viewers and servers for almost all operating systems and for Java. Object Desktop includes over a dozen market-leading Windows customization products in total.

4 Free KVM Switch Tools to Share Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Computers

Great old program and good to use on a private network, that I can tell. You created the most pointless review by comparing peas with ears. The mouse should now be able to move between screens in the direction selected. Mouse Without Borders is certainly not perfect but proving far more reliable.

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When the computers are connected, enter the Monitor Manager and move the monitors around to suit your needs. Once confirmed, you can look forward to receiving exclusive specials and announcements direct from Stardock. Most of the features are disabled in the free ShareMouse but there are a few options that do work and you can change.

This means no extra hardware is required and the switching is done automatically via an installed utility. If you select Secondary, a window will open with the computer name and passcode which needs adding to the Primary computer. There are some configuration options available, including hotkey switching, showing a status window, darkening the inactive screen, and preventing num lock sync. For instance, the bottom left computer in the grid will be able to move the mouse up or to the right onto other desktops. You usually connect a keyboard and a mouse for example using one port for each device.

Please check your email for a confirmation link. Input Director has been around since and is completely free and unrestricted for personal use.

The two share the same wifi though are not connected anyway by networking Homegroup. Advanced users can also use the Clients window to connect manually. Mouse Without Borders supports drag and drop and clipboard functions but both have limitations.

Other computers can be added later although only one can be used on the grid at any one time. Drag the computers left or right so you can move the mouse off the left or right edge of the desktop. So, two computers, one mouse, one keyboard and one monitor? The problem with trying to operate multiple computers is each has its own display, its own keyboard, funeral program template word and its own mouse or touchpad.

Specific computers can be enabled or disabled using the checkboxes in the main window. All of the videos I have seen about this product show at least two monitors in use. Limitations include no drag and drop or clipboard support, no encryption and no shared locking. No installation is required. This protocol allows the client and server to negotiate which encoding will be used to optimize the bandwidth used for the video transfer.

4 Free KVM Switch Tools to Share Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Computers

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Download Mouse without Borders. There are a number of options available for power users but most people will probably not need to touch those settings. If you have a second computer waiting to be connected it should appear in a list of computers to select from. Remote Security Option to require encrypted remote connections. The second computer will be displayed on the grid where you can drag it around to be either side, above or below the primary computer when moving the mouse off the desktop.

Synergy is a bit of a confusing mess these days, paid versions, free versions you compile yourself, old free versions and etc. Mouse without Borders was created by Truong Do, is completely free and is able to control up to four computers from one mouse and keyboard.

There is a ripple effect animation around the cursor when it changes screens. Can all of them support multiple monitors?

Security Require encrypted and authorized remote connections. The hostname will be on the Main tab on the Primary computer. Install the program on the secondary and primary computers but configure the secondary first.


For Corporate Licensing, click here. However they all involve some hardware switch device. Logging Log remote connections in the Windows Event Viewer.

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With Synergy, all the computers on a desktop can be operated form the mouse and keyboard of only one of the computers. You can use the free ShareMouse without issue for as long as you like.

History of KMV

Multiplicity Versions Comparison. This comparison needs an update. This allows you to operate a single keyboard, mouse, and a monitor across several computers by pressing a button to switch between them. They include editing keyboard shortcuts, wrapping the mouse, blocking the screen corners, blocking screensaver, sharing the clipboard and disabling Easy Mouse.

They can be placed anywhere above, below or to either side. Does Mouse without Borders allow you to use two computers but only a single monitor, and switch between them? The server is the program on the machine that shares its screen, and the Viewer is the program that watches and interacts with the server. Multiplicity is well known for being easy to setup and use. Smoothly move the cursor across multiple displays connected to multiple computers.

The easy way to set up everything is through the wizard. Then you have to restart the program on all connected computers to continue. Press Link to connect the computers. Mouse without Borders comes from the Microsoft Garage.

No additional software installations required. Just install the software on each computer and configure which one has the keyboard and mouse you want to use across devices. Hot Keys Hot key or touch to a specified field in an application or form.