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Bosses, inevitably are a bit miffed by this. Well, you can't accuse them of being overly populist, can you? It's not known whether he tied the knot with his past beau or considers the career his metaphorical wife. Maybe they are waiting to gauge public reaction. What if he's caught in the middle of it all?

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One of such actors who made his way to the headlines with his sexuality-related revelation is Jake Maskall. Jake made the shocking revelation about the sexuality back in with Daily Mail. Maskall is certain his sexuality is not a problem. This could be said to muddy the waters.

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You'll have to tune in next week to find out! Basically, he felt like a pillock. It's just that they are the ones who get criticised for it.

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So what's next for Jasper and his dad? Even Boy George once said he preferred a cup of tea to sex. Another good looking bloke playing for the opposing team.

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Still, in this case, I reckon they may be on to a winner. Not that this is exactly my bag. While I smiled as instructed, he, being quite a macho guy, looked uncomfortable and clearly absolutely hated it. This bridge will be a symbol. He has a cleft chin which also helps to enhance his appearance.

He and his boyfriend invited me to dinner and broached the subject over Goanese prawn curry. From Graham Norton to Dale Winton, we are all fag hags at heart. Being told to raise his arm here and tip his head there diminished him as a man. Before he lectures other people's sons and daughters, perhaps Howard should direct his clean-living message to members of his own party.

As day broke and the power flickered on, Robert and his crowd of commoners emerged on palace grounds along with Jasper, who had someone special waiting for him inside. In the interview, the actor revealed that he had been in a relationship with a man for around twelve years. Doing it once is bad, but twice, how stupid do you have to be? After recent scandals such as Dirty Den's toe-curlingly embarrassing web- cam sex, they don't need any more controversy. What he meant was they flirted with the camera.

Count Bellagio is Jasper's dad! Besides that, he has stayed mum regarding the information of his parents and family, but they sure are proud of his achievements.

Way back in the mists of time when Michael Cashman played Colin Russell on Eastenders, there was a storm of protest. Not only symbolizing the unification of this city, but the very moment we came together as people to rise above troubled waters, together! Never mind that she's now a brunette, she is proof that there are some girls for whom life is just one long blonde moment. Even though he didn't want his dad's hep let alone his company, non work related injury accommodating Jasper obliged him until he got up to his old ways again and tried to steal a suit from a local shop. Larry Grayson was in the closet for years and Liberace went to his death bed claiming the only thing he shared his bedroom with was a white grand piano.

He was supposed to be coming home tonight. Within luvvie circles, where they're probably snorted lines of cocaine off copies of Attitude magazine morning, noon and night, it might be common knowledge. The desire to skive isn't exclusive to those at the bottom of the company pile. While Jasper made his way back home, King Robert managed to band South London together in a march of unity across the bridge that divides the city.