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Vadamalai hides the fact about the baby from Chellamma, however she comes to know later on. However, in a turn of events, Chellamma eats the poisoned food, resulting in one of her fetus to become deformed. He asks Thavasi to invest some money for the new Hotel business.

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Thavasi schemes a silent trap to make Avudaiappan's business fall and separate the family with the help of Gomathi Kritheeka whom he uses as a weapon to seduce Vadaimalai. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

But Thavasi doesn't want to risk him and loss the money. Thavasi is a great cook who is especially well known for his delicious recipes.

Chellame Chellam Song Lyrics

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One fine day, Avudaiappan's family migrates to Chennai for a better life. Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal for Best Director. Muthazhagu and her mother visit a saint who reveals the location of the jewels in Sneha's house. Muthazhagi along with her mother are introduced to Madhumitha by Sivasu and Shiva, and all of them plot together to destroy Chellamma. But his sons refuse to take over this hug responsibility.

But Avudaiappan's son by forced takes him to their house. This article does not cite any sources. Thavasi uses these problems to cause a severe misunderstanding between Aavudaiyappan and Thazhaiyamma, who exchange cross words. Avudaiappan turns to be old and now wants his sons to take over the business. Meanwhile, Anjali gets pregnant and is disheartened.

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal for Best Actress. The death of my brothers in arms Four shot down by a sniper And the rest I left behind. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for television. Meanwhile, Anjali and Vasu's wedding preparations are made against Vasu's Mother and Madhumitha, however in a turn of events, Anjali marries Satish and Vasu marries Amudha.

Due to Thavasi's culinary skills, Chellamma Bhavan motel becomes popular over the night. Also, Sneha beats Vadamalai and he goes missing and Kadarkarai gets arrested for this. All this is noted by Chellamma's Assistant Sumathi Jayanthi who spills the beans to Chellamma, who inquires the situation from Vasu, who reveals all information about the proposal.

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Later, however, she comes out and acts in favour of everyone and gets married to Kadarkarai. She was also featured five times in Forbes list of the top celebrities of India. Porque ya no tengo la fuerza para nadar.

He along with Maya, his friend rob Vadamalai of his wealth but however he gets cheated by Dhanam. Imman Episode Sasikumar Episode G. Muthazhagu who is jealous to see Kavitha's jewels and she tries to show off her jewels to Kavitha only to find out they have been burgled. Chellamma gets pregnant and Vadaimalai joins with her once again. Only person who cares for Chellamma is Vadaimalai's Uncle Mahadevan Vishwanathan who takes her into his house.

Meanwhile, she also influences Valliyammai to turn against Muthazhagu. However problems continuously arise between them and Chellamma. The English meaning of this title Darling. Avudaiappan invests the money for their motel business. Chellamma is shocked and somehow happy about Vasu's proposal and tells to put it aside for a while until Amudha comes out of her nutshell.

Chellame Chellam Song Lyrics

This article contains Tamil script. Muthazhagi's mother gives Sivasu poison asking to mix it and give to Chellamma which will result in the death of her fetus. Moreover, Chellamma has the charisma to maintain the joint family. She is impressed with Amudha and is determined to make Amudha, her daughter in law and ask Vasu to propose to her. Now Avudaiappan is released from Prison with much difficulty of Chellamma.

Sivaranjini joins with Sneha and starts annoying Chellamma. Since then, she has received many other awards.

Avudaiappan being a sole breadwinner of a joint family faces tough time to run his family with a meager salary. She stays with Avudaiappan's family. Natchathirangal ellaamae atchadhai thoovi vaazhthidumae Adharkaai anbae kaathirupen.

But Thazhaiamma requests Avudaiappan to get his daughter Chellamma married to her son Vadamalai in order to retain the property within their family. The serial was last directed by O. Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal for Best Actor. In today's world Chellamma Bhavan Hotels are one of the leading hotels with many branches around Tamil Nadu.

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