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You can go to war with dinosaurs, using any weapons you have to destroy them. There are games for every type of player here! When you play our dinosaur games, you can control creatures weighing a ton with a simple click of the mouse.

Travel back in time and test your skills against the most ferocious beasts ever to roam the earth. Do you like dinosaurs and shiny things? Dinosaur hunter games enable you to take control of some of these mighty creatures and, at the same time, recreate some of their epic actions.

Now, imagine having one walking around town and dealing some serious damage. They are even the most feared ones to have ever walked the earth! Why not try out one of these fantastic dinosaur-themed games today and turn the clock back to the prehistoric era! So grab your rifle and start your hunt today!

Deadly Shores offers intense gameplay due to the action and realistic environment. Or perhaps you just think that dinosaurs are really cool. Whatever brings you here, we've got a whole bunch of free games to satisfy your dino love!

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Fun Dinosaur Games Online

Fans of dinosaur hunter games will absolutely rejoice in this fast-paced, thrilling, and awesome dinosaur shooting game. The ultimate combination Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs, cars and parking. Dinosaurs are indeed some of the most legendary creatures in history. Enter into a world where the continents have started to drift apart and the ice caps are melting.

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Dinosaur is one of their favorite kind. Can you help them blast each one to bits? We also add new games daily to ensure you won't become bored with old games. Return to the dino lab and get ready to assemble another totally rad robotic warrior that can go underwater. Do you want to become a dinosaur and try the exciting of destroying a city?

They can be fearsome beasts or fun new friends. This robotic dinosaur can also turn into an awesome fire truck. Not all dinosaurs will hurt people, right? How about machine guns and projectile weapons at its helm? Stay tuned for more cool and amazing dinosaur games!

Fun Dinosaur Games Online

Or maybe it's their storied size. Whatever you want to do, as long it is connected to dinosaur, you can come here, we have prepared so many dinosaur games for you. Jurassic Park Builder If you loved the Jurassic Park movies, you will truly enjoy hours of amusement with this dynamic simulation game. Worried about what to wear on dates?

Control Dinosaurs with the Click of the Mouse When you play our dinosaur games, you can control creatures weighing a ton with a simple click of the mouse. Defend one of the camps by any means necessary in this futuristic action game. Rendered using one of the most sophisticated game engines in the world, you can expect a visual treat from the detailed graphics of the weapons, rich jungles and towering dinosaurs in Dino Hunter. Yes, we do mean the gigantic creatures before the birth of civilization! You can play any type of challenge you feel for, guaranteeing pre-historic entertainment for hours.


We have picked the best Dinosaur games which you can play online for free. Of course, our collection of dinosaur games also includes a fun and feel-good experience. If you don't get that, then you probably shouldn't be visiting our dinosaur page in the first place.

Our online dino game collection features colorful graphics, beautiful environments, and exceptionally smooth game play! Quickly assemble your dino fighter before it takes on its next opponent in this action game. Deadly Shores You are on a new adventure. Play dinosaur games now on Games. Caveman Adventure Travel back in time and test your skills against the most ferocious beasts ever to roam the earth.

Dinosaur is coming, vpn iphone 4 just enjoy! Survival dinosaur games are very exciting as well as robot dinosaur games!

These ancient and immense creatures were once kings. Jurassic Park Builder lets embark on a journey with your own Isla Nublar. In these games you need to destroy everything you saw like buildings, people and cars, sounds excited, right? If you are interested in dinosaurs, then you will love our free online games! These grumpy dinosaurs have had it up to here with humanity.

This Rex is ready to go on a rampage right through Rio! Another battle is about to begin! How devastating it can be?