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This advice is just some of the things I would tell someone who came into the counseling office. It may sound crazy but being her friend is your winning strategy.

If you love each other, you should act as a united body. Your friends and family are going to be there to pick up the pieces if he breaks your heart. One guy was living with his girlfriend, treating her like trash, and was the full-time worship leader. If the guy has never had a job, what makes you think he will have a job later?

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Think About Your Future Maybe this guy you are dating is a blast, you laugh all the time, and you love all the same stuff. Some Christian women date a guy who is not a Christian thinking she will witness to him, which some refer to as missionary dating. This is the golden rule of Christian dating. When you start moving beyond the actual commands in the Bible, the list could be endless for Christian dating advice for women. Looking for the perfect person will not only slow down finding someone, foreign ladies dating it will also ruin your relationship once you do start dating someone.

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But there are many Christian men out there who love Christ and have great character. Another key thing here is that only Christians are able to tell you the bitter truth. So another really important piece of Christian dating advice for women is that you need to listen to your friends and family. The more mature you get, the more humility becomes attractive. Men are less expressive in general, so the worship leader and pastor type of guy is pretty rare.

If you are looking to marry Jesus, stop, because you already are. With every box you need checked, you are eliminating the likelihood of actually meeting someone like that. Besides, they do so because they love you and care about you.

The importance of marriage. Worship leading, preaching, and all these artistic types of things are very talent based.

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Why expose yourself to all that sexual temptation if you know you will not marry that man? It just means you should at least explore the idea of a guy you are not initially drawn towards. Have a healthy Christian relationship. Trust me, you want a Christian man who has character, not just talent.

Anyone can look spiritually mature for an hour on stage. He is the one, who captures our heart. So, yes, you should enjoy his company now and you should have fun together.

Why get attached to someone you know you will need to detach from? The winning strategy for healthy relationships is to respect the opinion of those who know you best.

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All I would say is that you just need to be careful that your standards and expectations are realistic. If your beloved realizes it, you are a lucky one. It is much more important to show that you respect her desires and are in love not with her body but with her soul. Those, who want search for a life partner, will mention friendship somewhere. There is no need to search for a purpose constantly.

Therefore I also believe that if you are not prepared to get married in general, you should not date. Listen to what people you love most tell you. If you want something bad enough, you might be gullible enough to take their bait.

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