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After the battle of Trafalgar a pipe was produced showing Nelson with a lowered flag on one side and Britannia on the other. Some of the scalloped and ribbed bowls are very elegant with the lines following the curve of the bowl perfectly. The most common method is to use the butt ends of a set of Imperial drill bits, although a finely gradated ruler or other measuring devices can also be used. He had the right idea and created a pipe with his own head on it, thus preserving his reputation for decades to come. As an illustration of this, the photo above is what I was lucky enough to notice on a recent visit to my local stretch of Deptford foreshore, and below is what it turned out to be.

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Then production of literally thousands of them was carried out in factories that employed hundreds of staff. The presence of mould duplicates and kiln waste suggests that there may have been a pipe kiln.

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Some have better details than others and imported French versions come with bright coloured glazes on them like the other one shown here in close detail. These were made by English, French, German and Dutch pipe makers. This world famous company was founded in and was making them for years until for collectors and smokers. Bowl forms become quite large with thin walls and relatively tall bowls. In that Initiation ceremony the pipe was broken over the candidates head.

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In it was said to be one of the largest factories of its kind in England but, in the s, Southorn moved production to King Street and this works closed. They can also be used to check any dates provided by associated bowl forms, marks or decoration, which can be especially useful for smaller contexts where only a few such pieces are present.

Smoking attracted a lot of publicity among the rich Courtiers and soon after the common people. Artists were employed to make masters from which three or four piece metal moulds were made. The ones featured in the picture here were made in Bristol as well as the Isle of Wight. They can be used to indicate whether a context group is likely to contain residual material, or whether it represents a coherent and potentially tightly dated group. Although decades earlier most but not all plain pipes had a flat heel on the base of the bowl this was gradually phased out and by about spur pipes were the norm.

Shropshire Clay Tobacco Pipes

Other sporting pipes included, tennis, cricket, golf and fishing. These two owl pipes are big enough to hold a cigarette and were recovered from a period refuse dump. He introduced a number of changes and took out various registrations and patents to make water pipes and transfer-printed pipes. On the example below the mould lines are not trimmed well because it saved time in production at a period when these early English fancy pipes were in high demand.

There are two parallel L-shaped ranges and the range fronting King Street is where the pipes were made and dispatched. The bowl forms stayed quite similar but increased in size during the course of the century as tobacco became cheaper and more readily available and the quantity consumed at any one time increased. They were also sometimes used at functions where they were lit and passed around a group of smokers. Burnishing was still used in some areas, but very rarely in the far south west, the south east and East Anglia.

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In the group shown here characters such as Druids, Jupiter and Jacob are shown. The Manchester firm of Pollocks even used umbrella spokes at one time! It is important to display or print these at life size when comparing new material, since size is often an important factor in determining the date. Sir Walter Raleigh is said to have made the habit more popular and also offered Queen Elizabeth a pipe. Pipes without a heel or spur were produced for the export trade from the mid-seventeenth century onwards but only came into general use in Britain from the mid-nineteenth century onwards.

Hole sizes in Pipe Stems - A way of dating? Early pipes dating from before the English Civil War of the s tend to follow London fashions but the disruption of the war appears to have allowed regional forms to develop. Artifacts as time markers Pipe stem dating The clay pipe industry expanded rapidly as tobacco smoking gained popularity in both England and America.

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Some pipes were burnished during this period and many areas of the Midlands and northern England exploited local clays, where these were available. For most visitors the fragments of clay tobacco pipe are the most memorable novelties, and a trademark of the Thames foreshore. It ceased production in and is believed to be the only surviving clay tobacco pipe factory in Britain. Irish and Scottish pipes turn up in America in great numbers as many folk emigrated there and are very popular with smokers and family historians.

The use of coloured clays, amber wash, and hand painted glazes does make each one slightly different though. They come in several colours of clay including red and brown, sample introduction letter for dating also with a glazed varnish on them.

Clay Pipe Gallery

Although the use of tobacco leaves was known by Europeans since the time of Columbus in only small amounts were brought back as an exotic herb for medicinal experimentation at first. Between them is a yard with a pugging mill and bottle kiln at the north-west corner.

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Charles Dickens, A Negro, Sailor. Spur forms first appear in the very early seventeenth century and soon became an alternative style used in lesser numbers in most areas of the country. For much of the eighteenth century pipe bowls were generally upright and with fairly cylindrical bowl forms e.

Artifacts as time markers

The guide even includes an illustrated list of the different kinds of mud, which in its seriousness may be amusing to some! These have very delicate thin walled bowls and often a narrow pointed spur with initials of the maker on the side. The range behind was residential. Those figures do not include the numbers being made for local consumption but would also be very high. Sometimes the head of Parnell is moulded as on the example shown here.