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They're both so good, and so different from each other. Add to your Watched Users. Modulating pitch with sample and hold.

Lead tone with subtle distortion. Over dubbing may be effective. You may be able to chose destination pitch or filter. Changing pole selection needs cutoff and resonance re-setting.

CCB - Look At My Phatty

CCB - Look At My Phatty

However, I feel easy with the simple architecture. That surprised me, incidentally, and I would say that the keybed is better and more full-featured on the Mopho. Two unisoned oscillators with gentle filter. After recording, while listening recorded one, I played same phrase. Although Key range is wide, there is difference of volume.

Slow attack sweep reminds me of brass Sforzando. Modulation source is filter envelope, and destination is filter. It definitely shows off the analog-yet-edgy character of the synth, close to what I heard in person from Markyboard's PolyEvolver. Windy noise is added to lead tone by modulation wheel. No modulation tone is nice, too.

In recording this sound, I did not use portamento. Same with guitars and basses on the showroom floor. Slim Phatty's filter overload helps to make roar of saxphone.

Maybe reverb or delay needed. This can be saved to preset. The level is low, I compressed with audio plug-in. Full resonance filter oscillation. They are different beasts to be sure, and for the money, the Dave Smith stuff is a better value.

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It reminds me of output feedback of minimoog. It may be from analogue circuit.

Features are great and all that, but doesn't it come down to choosing which keyboard has sounds that inspire you most? Panel printings of pulse and square look like different amplitude. Slim Phatty never makes me down with incomprehensible implementation. This sound reminds me of Keith Emerson. On paper the Mopho obviously brings a lot more to the table, granted that a key keyboard suffices for your needs.

Mopho is great value - why should I buy the moog? Overload function is added to filter section.

Some seem to have purchased the Mopho whishing that it was everything the Phatty is, plus a lot more - only to pass it on after a while, sorely disappointed with the sound. Slim Phatty has no delayed vibrato. Slim Phatty responds to it. Unstable tempo shows my low skill. The Mopho keyboard might be better, athena and it has aftertouch.

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Without modulation wheel, no envelope. Wave selector of Phatty is continuous. Both are great synths and good value for what they deliver. It needs expression pedal. The strength of Moog synthesizer is distortion and bottom.

It is difficult to play basic tone like this. Also the knobs on the mopho are endless so playing with filter effects live is not as funny on the mopho. Filter oscillation with full resonance. Big heavy, expected sound. Can I slim this sound with filter?

That's the reason I respect Dr. Key follow may not be precise. When I set oscillators aparted, it sounds like organs. The filter sounds very different between the two, both sounds analog and cool. They are not enough for complex patching.

Play sawtooth wave without special technique. Slim Phatty has no keyboard. Is it possible for you to play either of them? However, no pitch bend is available.

CCB - Phatty (World Preimere Sim Video) ringtone free download

Please forgive my loose tempo. High key range has good brightness. Searching good waveform is not easy, too.

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CCB - Phatty (World Preimere Sim Video)

Hi, I need some advice - which do you think is better? Wheel adds rhythmic modulation. Maybe I should add some effects. The Mopho is also more compact and as far as I know it doesn't require time to stabilize tuning when first switched on.