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Hydraulic fluid or diesel fuel leaking under pressure can penetrate the skin and cause infection or other injury. Place a suitable container under the machine to catch any lost fuel. Are you sure you want to Yes No. It contains gases which should not be released into the at- mosphere.

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Any spillage of Biodiesel Fuel must be cleaned up immediately before it can cause damage to the environment and the paint finish of the machine. Always ventilate when using in an enclosed area or when charging. Our managers proceed your order the same day. The word Notice is used to address practices not related to personal safety. This Section also covers the power take-off function where power is provided to the pull-type machine and additional Process Drive functions.

Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible death or injury. Case Magneto Magneto Manuals. Case Industrial Tractor Manuals. You just clipped your first slide!

Case A Grain Binder Manuals. Standard Equipment Open Close. Lower all attachments to the ground, or raise and engage all safety locks. If you have a catalog, that we do not have in our list, we would gladly discuss the details of exchange or purchase.

Using this repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle working properly. For more information please visit our website.

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An alphabetical Index is included at the end of a Chapter. Keep all guards and safety devices in place. Observe the following precautions whenever lubricating the machine or making adjustments. Component identification of hydraulic valves on medium frame models. Install fitting and torque to specified torque, loosen fitting and retorque to specifications.

Store them safely until they can be disposed of in a proper way to comply with local legislation and available resources. Case All Injection Pump Manuals. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Machines must not be stored for more than three months with Biodiesel Fuel blends in the fuel system.

Fill hydraulic oil reservoir refer to Reservoir - Filling A. These precautions are intended for the personal safety of you and those working with you. Some modification may be required to allow your engine to run Biodiesel Fuel.

The information units provide a quick and easy way to find just the right piece of technical information you are looking for. The word Note is not intended to address personal safety or property damage. You will find an alphabetical index at the end of each chapter. Request a quote today for more information. Sound the horn, if equipped, three times before starting engine.

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Case F Backhoe Attachment Manuals. Case B Industrial Tractor Manuals. Case All Thresher Manuals. This repair manual has been produced by a new technical information system. Switch off battery key, kursadzije if installed.

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Connect the hood support strut B to the left hand side of hood. Some information could not be updated due to modifications of a technical or commercial type, or changes to the laws and regulations of different countries. It includes the central parts of the hydraulic, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, lighting and grease lubrication systems. Before using Biodiesel Fuel blends you should consult with your dealer to receive full information about the approved blend for your machine and any detailed conditions of its usage.

Label and disconnect oil filter lines. Batteries contain sulfuric acid. Only the operator should be on the machine when in operation. Relieve all pressure be- fore disconnecting fluid lines or perform- ing work on the hydraulic system. Choose between servo-assist mechanical H pattern controls or optional electro-hydraulic controls for versatility to change patterns and control sensitivity.

Have something to exchange? Never work around the machine or any of the attachments while wearing loose clothing that might catch on moving parts. Carefully orient hydraulic pump coupler to adapter on the engine ensuring attachment of engine plate to flywheel housing.

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Biodiesel Fuel has a higher cloud point than Diesel Fuel. They should not be allowed to get into the soil but should be collected and disposed of properly.