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Rollin down my windows askin for fuckin mustard. Anyway that you wanna, I'm a fucking living legend but my public persona. There you have it, collegiettes!

Ya ya we know I'm ballin like a free throw. But fuck a university is what had just occurred to me.

Major labels telling me the music I gave them sucked. So I hit you on your cell just to know it went to voicemail. And now I know more so I can act upon my actions more appropriate so you won't walk out the door.

So what a mess, look at me with all the stress. She got a smile like Mona Lisa Lisa won't you come and meet me please so we can get a piece a pizza. And now I grab the bottle even tighter when I hold it. And you was older so your words spoke loud.

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Do You lyrics - Cam Meekins. It also speaks for every fan and everyone representing the lamp city movement. Lamp City Family lyrics - Cam Meekins. But fuck that I'm a king that deserves a crown, musiq123 telugu songs whole city gotta hold me down when I'm around. See I live outside the city where there's nothing going on.

Cam Meekins

Bowl cruisin a passat no facades in my bars on the track spit stomach full of scars bitch Ahhh. And yeah I'm done with it, truthfully man I'm gonna run with it. You're also a songwriter - Does that make it easier because you're in control of what comes out on the album or harder because you have to work with other songwriters on your team?

The other day I found this letter that you wrote to me, so ima read it. Spit the realest, put this shit on vinyl just to feel it. Nineteen motherfucker, wear my heart up my sleeve.

Lamp City - Cam Meekins

Been through some shit, you can't relate. What was it like growing up in a musical family?

14 Best Cam meekins 3 images

So much back and forth is tempting, presenting my case. Keep my beats simple just so you can hear more clearly. Chorus, Verse, Verse, Hook. Like depressed chicks on the Tumblr app, I wish my life was pictures.

You don't have to believe it but I think about you every day. Cause what I've seen in my few years is deeper than an amount of days. That post nasal drip got me literally spittin crack. For the people that told me four years ago that I wasn't gonna be shit when I played the a couple songs I wrote.

Cam Meekins

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No On Top lyrics - Cam Meekins. High lyrics - Cam Meekins feat.

And it's alright, I'm okay, I'm fucked up, shit's going great. Sittin on this bus I'm on my way to prom. Cuz I been writin raps way before the fuckin nursery. And so, he turned to his music.

Damn, so real they don't want it on the album, they just afraid of the outcome. One man's destiny can change within a split second. It ain't rehearsed, I'm just gonna go with the flow.

Cam Meekins

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This ain't a verse, this some shit that I wrote. And they still gonna hate when you live your life like how you say. Didn't see that I was on a path of badness. But I bang on the game pick Pain but burn blunters. And, yes, this is shameless self-promotion.

Pick plenty pop rappers ill smash wit no clout. What I raised on my lines doin coke. When you look up in my eyes you only see what I'm not hiding.