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Of course, she does not claim this directly, but it is certainly implied by her own story. The Journey Process developed by Brandon Bays is a deceptively simple technique that facilitates emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time.

A personal process that s as unique as you are

A personal process that s as unique as you are

It is not a call to happiness, abundance, joy and fulfillment, although these are likely to arise on the spiritual path. As a spiritual leader you are now free to run expensive workshops on all areas of life because you are now the source of divine wisdom and grace. In just three days you can transform your life and set yourself free! Or, perhaps, we are just acting as a reminder for them of their own true nature.

Living the Journey is an opportunity to learn from those who have successfully integrated The Journey into their lives. From our experience and over twenty years of work in the transformational field teaching hundreds of thousands of people, no other healing modality is faster or more effective. It is not only people that can hijack the natural process of enlightenment, but whole movements like the self-development movement.

He or she ends up drinking the brackish water that never satisfies true inner thirst. The combination is undeniably effective, with many participants at her workshops and retreats giving very enthusiastic and positive feedback. This can only be something that she has picked up from Hindu gurus and used, consciously or unconsciously, to present herself in the guru light which is a very good marketing ploy!

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays. Today we also have readily available and inexpensive paperback books, television and the internet. When we are living authentically, we plant the seed of natural enlightenment in the soil of our soul. Others want to connect deeper with their inner self and are looking for spiritual advancement and liberation.

Prior to her fame, she worked for self-help guru Tony Robbins. The feedback and consensus of our delegates is that the daily Satsang sessions, guided by Brandon or one of her co-presenters, form an invaluable part of your Journey Intensive experience. Bays is now a star on the New Age scene. But it will always be the wrong key, period. Only the key that comes from inside our own being can fit our lock.

It is human nature for us to feel peace and love, under the right circumstances. Read this book and be inspired to take your own journey of healing! This hijacking happens with purely spiritual teachers as well.

Whilst the method was not helpful to me at that time, I found her to be a hugely charismatic person with a beautiful heart. These powerful psychological techniques can then be easily presented as the power of the practitioner himself, or his particular workshops and retreats. Of course Bays is not alone in the way she hijacks our propensity to shine. It means that pat one-fits-all answers and psychological techniques are not going to be of much long-term use to us because each of us is as unique as our fingerprint. Publishers Weekly said in its review that the book would appeal to some but others would be put off by the certainty of her self-belief.

It means that only our own inner processes will guide us through the process of becoming whole once again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. True spirituality is not something we can actively attain like another qualification or skills seminar. If each of us is so intimately connected to an enlightened state, why is it that so few seem to reflect it?

What Experts say about Brandon

Languages Deutsch Polski Svenska Edit links. And why do most people seem to live their whole lives in anguish and frustration, never able to receive what is theirs already?

Rather than understanding that all spiritual teaching is merely a mutual reminding that our true natural state is enlightened and awake, the teacher become the bestower of this natural state. One of the things people love about The Journey Intensive is that there is an unusually high level of support available during the event. Journey Practitioner Program. On the surface, it appears that she is empowering humanity to heal and clear their emotional bodies.

For example, a meditation master might initiate his followers into secret meditation techniques that brings them indescribable inner peace and happiness in exchange for payment or a donation. Thomas Moore describes this perfectly in his book Dark Nights of the Soul. The package seems perfect, the words are the right words, the sentiments appear deep and profound, there is beauty and light everywhere, but at its core it has no soul. That would be a world in which we would not need workshops, or gurus, or Hollywood-looking teachers, or abundance weekends to realize that all we need is right here inside.

Brandon Bays the Journey

In this compilation of inspiring stories, edited by renowned healing expert Brandon Bays, Practitioners of The Journey method share their powerful experiences with natural healing. Living The Journey In this compilation of inspiring stories, edited by renowned healing expert Brandon Bays, Practitioners of The Journey method share their powerful experiences with natural healing. Developed and updated by Brandon Bays, tally erp 9 patch these additional skills come straight out of the toolbox of what many of our Accredited Journey Practitioners use to help their clients. The Journey offices Payment options Terms and Conditions.

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Brandon Bays is a product of the American New Age and personal development circuit, which led her to becoming a trainer for the personal development guru, Tony Robbins. The Journey was her first book. What I am criticising is self-development masquerading as spiritual development. She was born to an American father and a Romanian mother, who grew up in Vienna, Austria. It is natural for us to find true inner happiness just as it is natural for seeds to grow under the right conditions.

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