Aasa Di Vaar

If you yearn for goodness, then perform good deeds and feel humble. They wear earrings, and necklaces worth thousands of dollars. The spiritually wise dance and play their musical instruments, adorning themselves with beautiful decorations.

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So throw the dice in such a way, that you shall not lose with your Lord and Master. Impurity does not exist in matter, but in one's ego, indifference to God and other people. The accounts of the educated and the illiterate shall be judged in the world hereafter. The sinner, like the deer hunter, bows down twice as much.

After explaining the role of a spiritual teacher Guru Nanak goes to tell us that divine wisdom is acquired through intellect. He obtains the rewards of his good and bad deeds. Dh an so maa n as naankaa jo gal chalay paa-ay.

Sweetness and humility, O Nanak, are the essence of virtue and goodness. The Guru sets a course of life for his disciple, that of plain living and high thinking. They constantly endeavor to put their wills in harmony with Divine Will.

They sing of the milk-maids, they sing of the Krishnas. Thus the Lord of the World, the Great Giver is obtained.

They shout out loud, and sing epic poems and heroic stories. Some of the lines form proverbs which need to be treasured. Both Hindus and Muslimsill-treated their women. Eating and drinking are pure, since the Lord gives nourishment to all. In the Fear of God, the warriors and the most powerful heroes exist.

We have self-will with which we can modify our own conduct. They are not called pure, who sit down after merely washing their bodies.

The style of the language of the Asa-di-var is crisp, and pithy. He enshrines the Name of the Lord in his mind.

Men, trees, sacred shrines of pilgrimage, banks of sacred rivers, clouds, fields, d eepaa N lo-aa N mandlaa N kh andaa N var bh andaa N h. In ego they go to heaven or hell. They give and give, but ask a thousand-fold more, and hope that the world will honor them.

False is their capital, and false is their trade. The wretches bear fruit and flower, but within their bodies, they are filled with ashes. In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise. They burn away the bonds of the world, and eat a simple diet of grain and water. If the weight of honor is placed on the scale, then, O Nanak, one sees his true weight.

Ultimately we will be judged not by our learning or status, but by our conduct. Without the Name, nothing is of any use. One who goes barefoot ap n aa kee-aa kamaa n aa.

Asa Di Vaar

Asa di Var English Translation

Asa di Vaar-The Sikh Prayers

The man-eaters say their prayers. Beholding them, the people laugh, and then go home. The false ones love falsehood, and forget their Creator. They call themselves celibate, and abandon their homes, but they do not know the true way of life. Those who are subject to birth and death are totally false.


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Talking slander, as is done of woman, is to slander aaasa soul. But one who feels good only when good is done for him, and feels bad when things go badly aasak ayhu na aa kh ee-ai je lay kh ai var t ai so-ay. Check out Aasa Di Vaar, ppt on solar system Vol. Asa di Vaar-The Sikh Prayers.

Asa Di Vaar

Only they are pure, O Nanak, within whose minds the Ri abides. The effects of the Ego are particularly contemptible and disastrous when disguised by the apparent holiness or tradition, which exploits ordinary people's ignorance and credulity.

But those birds which visit it hopefully, depart disappointed. Unto whom should we speak, O Nanak, when He Himself is all-in-all? When it wears out, it is thrown away, and another one is put on.


Great is His greatness, as great as His Name. In the Fear of God, the sun shines, and in the Fear of God, the moon reflects. Reading and studying them, four doctrines are found.

Hear, and see, O people, this wondrous thing. Suffering is the medicine, and pleasure the disease, because where there is pleasure, there is no desire for God.