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  1. Jude, Caitlin, and Wyatt try to help her get her job back but it really makes things for the worse.
  2. Jude becomes the Guru in the Mall and gives people his ridicoulus advice, leading to catastrophic events.
  3. Nikki again falls for a new guy- his name is Stone and he works in Grind Me.
  4. The series ended in after its fourth season in both the United States and Canada.

The five teens throw her a welcome back party. The gang tries to survive the Christmas Shopping Fever and ends up locked in the Mall. With nothing to do and no one to talk to, Jude follows Nikki around the mall. Jen gives Caitlin her old job at the Squeeze and Caitlin ends up as a sixth member of the gang. Can best friends be something more?

Jen and Jude have been friends for a long time, but suddenly they've been feeling some wierd emotions. All his friends have dates and relationships all the time. This is a title reference to the movie Three Men and a Baby. Meanwhile, dating Nikki is teased by the clones after getting an assistant manager's task. The gang decides to rescue Caitlin themseleves.

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But after Nikki and Wyatt attempt to get tattoos, Jen finally bursts out. Three night later, at the night club, the music is cut and Jen makes an announcement, creating profiles for dating hoping to make up for heroes being idiots. His job is never high on the hierarchy of cool. Nikki and Jonesy share their first kiss in the series.

Caitlin, for her part, never had a guy long enough to not flirt with others. The gang realize Jude was banned from the mall, and wanna do something about it. In the end, her friends save her from losing her individuality. Every once in a while, he comes up with the perfect solution to their problems.

Jen accidentally breaks Travis's arm and he's preparing for the Olympics. Coach Halder than realizes that it was actually a candy bar put on Jen's bag that looked like the prized posetion, how and it was really Charlie Dobb's bag. They've never been kissed.

Both find themselves at Underground Video, working for the cynical so-called movie expert Wayne. Meanwhile, bullying girls at the escalator hold Jen's house keys and Jude's old skateboard hostage. Both of them are nervous, and Jonesy and Nikki at once interfered with the foursome because of arguing. Jonesy is the secret shopper, and Jen tries to get her store reputation back up after being rude to Jonesy. As in no more chicks, other than Nikki.

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Caitlin, who wrote a contest essay to get a chance to meet Kylie, is declared the winner. Attack of the Shenanigans. Meanwhile, Jude and Wyatt date the same girl without the other one knowing. Every guy in sixth grade had a crush on her. Also, Nikki does not want to go to Acapulco with her parents.

When Nikki finds out about this, she feels betrayed and hits Jonesy with a chair. An innocent trip to Albatross and Finch goes horribly wrong when Caitlin falls in love with a pricey beaded halter top and gossips to Jen about Tricia in the change rooms. He starts to practice by pulling Caitlin around on his skateboard, but when he finds out he's getting slower, he goes to great lengths such as shaving all his hair off to go faster. Jen and Nikki are modern-day Cryanos text messaging Caitlin vital information to help her look the part. Wyatt has a dry sense of humor that Nikki in particular appreciates.

Jude forgives Jonsey and they become friends again. While Jude and Wyatt struggle to get chosen, Caitlin and Jen try to overcome the pressure of asking the guys. The winner gets a year supply of the mystery item. But Nikki finds out that living with Jen is too hard.

Jonesy-Nikki Relationship

Jude tries to get re-hired, but Ron won't let him because he remembers how awful he treated it and Jonsey becomes the new employee, which makes Jude jealous. But through it all, our group of six best friends learn to lean on one another. Wyatt tries to get Serena back, and finds out that Wayne might be his only hope because of his ability to choose the perfect movies for broken couples.

After kissing each other in a dark room, Wyatt and Caitlin start to think they might make a good couple so they try to go out on a date together. After she gets hit constantly, she counterattacks them. Jude gives people his ridiculous advice, leading to catastrophic events with Wyatt stuck up a ladder when he is afraid of heights. Starr goes goth, and Jude goes goth as well to impress her. Meanwhile, Jude destroys a copy of Wayne's beloved film and is afraid that Wayne will fire him.

The guys do not know this and freak out because the girls supposedly have the only tickets left. Jonesy and Nikki have been together for three months. Jonesy, Wyatt, and Jude try to prank Ron by closing down all the bathrooms and photographing him with his pants down, but ended up pranking Caitlin.

Caitlin asks a boy Nikki is attracted to out on a date. But they must think of something to get her out of Penalty Box first. Take This Job and Squeeze It.

Jonesy shows up in between his gig as guide to the mallwalkers aka elderly people. Jen, also, figured Jude's seen her naked too many times to find her attractive. Jude had a hot girlfriend who he was crazy for and remained hooked on even after she became a goth and dumped him. The next morning, Stanely hits Nikki in the back with his tennis balls and Nikki pushes Jonesy into the water fountain. They then order Caitlin to give them the number, but she refuses to tell them.

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She elicits the group's protective instincts and loves to give dating advice. Nikki is angry until she finds out that he is dating several girls at once. Caitlin hates her uniform so much that she never leaves the lemon with it on, doing a Superman-style quick change into her street clothes every time she leaves work. Jonsey says that it's too good to give up the secret to the prank, so he won't tell Ron, military hook up websites but Nikki eventually gets the secret out of him and rushes to stop it. Caitlin quits the lemon and wants to work at the galeria mall theme park so that she can find another boyfriend.

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Also, over the course of the show, despite only being involved with three people romantically she was treated poorly by two of them. Jen must not be pushy, bossy, or tell anyone what to do until the end of the day, which turns out to be hard after the gang tries their best to make Jen crack. The gang tells Caitlin their deepest secrects and she told them to her new boyfriend Dustin. Nikki feels that Jonesy is cheating on her because everyone likes him, and wants to do something about it.

Soon, the Olympian forgot why she was refusing Jude's actions, the sensations of his lips, hands, and tongue all over her body making her brain short out. The gang then bursts into the room and have a huge fight with the thugs. Nikki changes jobs, but realizes the food now tastes worse than it looks.

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  • Did you forget, you were miserable when she broke up with you.
  • Meanwhile, Nikki's mom, Mrs.
  • After this happens, they attempt to apply at Taj Mahome video, but the managers kick them both out without even looking at their resumes.
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And later on, Jonesy wears a wig that looks like Smithy's hair and then Jen accidentally kisses Jonesy for looking like Smithy. Caitlin asks them what they want and they tell her that they know that her dad is one of the richest men in town and they also know that she knows his bank account number. Grabbing the snowboarders arms, Jude pulls Jen in for a passionate, hot kiss. Till the day that you say yes to me.

Caitlin thinks that every boy on the bus is cute so she starts asking them all out. And Jude wants to win a coffee drinking cup. Wyatt broke his arm so he's done with Hockey. At the same time Caitlin-Nikki war begins because of Caitlin never ending stories about her boyfriend and Nikki's temper.

Jonesy-Nikki Relationship

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Jonesy starts working as Ron's assistant, Caitlin steals Wyatt's lucky jacket and Jude tries to teach Jen how to drive. As the wedding between Jonesy's Dad and Jen's Mom approaches, it's all too clear that the amalgamation of the two families is not going to be smooth sailing. As for Jude, hes flattered when a series of mannequins identical to him start popping up in store displays that is, until one is spotted sporting a pair of leopard print bikini briefs. In the end, Jen ends up dating Travis.

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